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Christine Stow: Speaker, Author, Community Consultant: When Christine found out something was wrong with her daughter at three months of age, she had to reinvent herself. Since then, she has been Elected to Council, written her story, completed an MBA, established support Programs and a Special School.

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Not Just Imyjen’s Mother

Christine shares her journey from finding her daughter had a rare muscle condition, being slung like spinning top into the world of disability to being elected to Local Council in 2014.


Christine’s Story Will Move & Inspire You As She Shares Her Empowering Journey.

“I had the privilege of being one of the first people to read Christine’s wonderful book ‘Not Just Imyjen’s Mother.’ She is a great role model as a mother, carer, and advocate for children with disabilities and their carers.”

- Dr Vesna Grubacevic

Christine Stow is a true ‘Woman of Substance’ in more ways than one.

"Christine Stow has never been one to let life’s hiccups stop her being the best she can be. Her daughter Imogen was born with a disability that requires Christine to be up at 5am to start the daily routine for her beloved daughter."

- Christine Williams

Christine is highly motivated and a confident task master. She was not only instrumental in setting up an event for me but assisted during the event. During my journey with Christine I have found her to be encouraging, considerate, she has inspired me to realise my potential. Christine rallied to arrange a radio interview for the event, her get up and go and never give up attitude has motivated me to improve my life. Christine has offered an array of strategies that have enabled me to get out of my comfort zone and achieve my goal of public speaking.

- Lisa Bonavita

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