Stepping into YOUR power… From Zero to Hero in 8 weeks or less.

Helping carers find their hidden talents to unleash their income stream

For me this has been a journey.

In 2010, when my ex left- I did not know how I was going to survive the next day… one day I didn’t even think I would make it. But I am here to tell the story and help other people. I think my ex thought I would fall to pieces… well he was wrong! So very wrong!

Back then, I was seeing a Counsellor. One day I felt I ok enough & I thought I want to go to work. I told the Counsellor & she said “oh no, you can’t work, you’re a carer, you can’t work”. I recall walking out the door thinking, thank you for that but I am GOING to find someone who BELIEVES THAT I CAN WORK! That was the last time I saw that Counsellor. Then I did find it hard to get a job…. So I volunteered……… Then someone saw me there and gave me a job. I heard that saying, you are the average of the 5 people around you- so I hung around with business people & people in politics. I didn’t believe it but I just thought I would see if I could hang out with business people… I didn’t believe it but then I got elected to Council…. then I published my book & I looked around & all my friends were politicians & business people. Now I am here – doing it… helping others step into their power.